Transformation starts from consciousness. We are conscious that logistics operations entail a sizeable carbon footprint. This awareness empowers us to take measures to mitigate its detrimental effects to our society and community.


At RSA Global we are working together to achieve exemplary Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality performance in line with our core value being. ‘WE ARE HSSEQ MASTERS’.
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Our Sustainability Pillars

We look at sustainability from a holistic view.

Clean and renewable energy generation

We like to start tackling the challenge from the source. Our setup allows us to harness the power of nature through innovation. Thus, we are investing in projects that can convert those opportunities into a positive social impact.

Managing the resources

The transition to a clean and renewable energy source can make an even greater impression if managed properly. This includes implementing energy efficiency measures to ensure that every unit of resource is not wasted but rather be used to add value to our customers.

Collaboration with like-minded partners

The sustainability journey is not a lone ride. In the same way that our customers trust us to help them achieve their sustainable goals, we are proud to have like-minded partners onboard this mission with us.

Annual Social Impact of our Net Zero Emissions Warehouse

Our Net Zero Journey

How we did it?

Identify the challenges

We see the challenge as an opportunity to lessen our environmental impact by tackling our operations energy consumption by looking into historical utility data, engineering analysis and audit reports.

Implement the Project

With the aid of like-minded sustainability partners, achieving our Net Zero goal has been made possible!

Tracking for continuous growth

We are surely in this sustainable logistics journey for the long-run so continuous tracking of the progress and outcomes of this project, and many others to come, is key for us to work on further improvements along the way.

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