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Employee Update

Karthikeyan Hariharan joins RSA Global as Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Written by RSA Team and updated on 30 October 2019
RSA Global, UAE based digital freight forwarding and supply chain management company, recently appointed Karthikeyan Hariharan to the position of COO. In his new role Karthikeyan will lead and streamline freight and logistics operations at RSA Global in order to boost local and global business growth.

Plastic Pollution: A look from the Chemical Logistics Industry

Written by Markus Köpsel and updated on 28 October 2019
Plastic undeniably has many valuable uses and has become integral in our daily lives. Plastic is one of the most used materials by mankind – the material is in all kind of packaging. Be it in our food and beverages, cars - bumpers, clothes, disposable bottles, packaging and textiles etc...

China's Chemical Industry – An opportunity for the Middle East?

Written by Markus Köpsel and updated on 24 October 2019
China’s chemical industry has grown fast and is still a major growth contributor to the global chemical industry. China’s new chemical market has contributed to half of the world’s chemical market growth in the last decades. The growth which slowed down due to the country’s GDP growth deceleration is still...

The Supply Chain and AI!

Written by Abhishek Shah and updated on 17 October 2019
Artificial Intelligence among other technologies are all converging at an interesting time and in an interesting way. My personal opinion is that AI alone will not move the needle. However, if it is coupled with Big Data, augmented reality, and the Blockchain you start seeing some very interesting outcomes on...