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Logistics and supply chain trends for 2022

Written by Pia Berghoefer and updated on 18 January 2022
Global supply chains are highly complex and involve numerous stakeholders often located in different countries and, sometimes, even on different continents. This makes the chains extremely fragile and vulnerable to disruptions. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and followed by nationwide lockdowns across the globe have drastically impacted supply...

What to look for in a reliable logistics company? 

Written by Fatima Asprec and updated on 06 January 2022
Logistics plays a crucial role in any business operations both for a product or service-based business. It is a term that is oftentimes being interchanged with “supply chain”. And although they share some similar concepts, logistics management is only a portion of the bigger umbrella of supply chain management. While...

13 questions to ask transport companies in Dubai before contract signing  

Written by Pia Berghoefer and updated on 05 January 2022
Transport companies in Dubai can be found like a dime a dozen. Dubai’s strategic location between Asia and Europe provides optimum trading conditions. The freight and logistics market has been growing steadily, mainly driven by the consistent and fast growth of e-commerce across the entire GCC region and rising international...

Global Shipping Crisis: How can businesses adapt?

Written by Fatima Asprec and updated on 28 October 2021
The waiting game within the global shipping ecosystem is still on. Does anyone really know when this is going to end? A bunch of experts have a different say on that: some say we can expect it to end by 2022 at the earliest or even only by 2023 , as...
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