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How to make your logistics operations more sustainable

Written by Alison Woods and updated on 30 September 2021
Undoubtedly, the future of sustainability is now. Every day, new innovations in energy production, transportation, and even waste management are developed. As a result, the global sustainability market is booming, and, according to Globe News Wire , it will be worth 36.6 billion USD (132 billion AED) by 2025. Inevitably...

The future of GCC's road freight sector - growth drivers and stoppers

Written by

Pia Berghoefer

and updated on 06 September 2021
logistics cover
Trucking is the leading freight transportation mode in the world with 70% of goods being shipped by road, according to Roland Berger . In 2020, the global road freight industry was valued at around $3.1 trillion in 2020, due to a Frost & Sullivan white paper . The market has grown...

Warehousing: Best practices and innovations

Written by Fatima Asprec and updated on 02 September 2021
Warehousing Dubai Blog Cover - warehouse and forklift image
Logistics experts and professionals go through a series of highly coordinated activities to ensure that we, as consumers, get the products we need, wherever and whenever we want them. One of those logistics activities is warehousing , which is familiar to all retailers and requires a variety of complex management, organization...

Frequently asked questions by our clients: Freight forwarding in Dubai

Written by Fatima Asprec and updated on 11 August 2021
Year after year, Dubai never ceases to keep rising to the levels of being one of the primary trading hubs in the world. One of the obvious reasons for this is the city’s strategic geographical location which allows access to and from other trade centers, connecting every important trade lane...
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