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Digitization and technology - the leaders of the supply chain network revolution

Written by Badre Maktari - Director IT and updated on 11 November 2020
The current buzz word in many industries is digitization. With the COVID-19 outbreak early 2020 which has spread across the world rapidly forcing people to connect virtually instead of personally, digitization is no longer just an option in many work places. The sudden rapid adoption of technology is now rather...

RSA Global now offers logistics services to Amazon sellers via AmazonSPN

Written by Pia Berghoefer and updated on 21 July 2020
RSA Global, a digital logistics and supply chain company based in the UAE, is now a registered member of the Amazon Seller Provider Network (SPN), a platform created by Amazon comprising qualified third-party service providers helping sellers to successfully promote, sell and deliver their products via the Amazon marketplace to...

Logistics – the cornerstone of MENA’s fast-growing e-commerce market

Written by Pia Berghoefer and updated on 12 July 2020
E-commerce has been a buzz word for the last couple of years and latest since the COVID-19 outbreak early this year, nearly everyone seems to have joined the online shopper community. While the global retail market has been slowing down since 2017, worldwide e-commerce sales is growing at a rapid...

BEYOND COVID-19...Fostering Resilience In the Chemical Supply Chain. 

Written by Lily A. Danso and updated on 25 June 2020
How agile is your chemical supply chain, now and beyond COVID-19?  Traces of chemicals can be found in almost every product we touch or use. Chemicals are very fundamental in the production of essential products such as medicine, detergents, sanitizers, and protective equipment. On an economic level, the chemical...
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