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Sustainable e-commerce is the future of business

Written by Fatima Asprec and updated on 21 June 2022
 E-commerce has had its growing share of retail sales prior to the pandemic, especially in developed countries. But a few weeks into the pandemic, people’s necessity for commodities coupled by authority restrictions drove the market to even soaring heights. One of the notable upticks in e-commerce consumer activity had...

Air Freight VS. Sea Freight: Which shipping mode is right for your cargo?

Written by Fatima Asprec and updated on 31 May 2022
The difference between the two most common modes of international shipping- air freight and sea freight may seem too straightforward but logistics experts know that underneath these terms are intricate series of processes that move the global trade. 

3 Tips to Improve Your F&B Logistics

Written by Fatima Asprec and updated on 30 March 2022
The food and beverage market is one of the most competitive and indeed the one that will always be in demand, as it goes without saying that the global population will never be without it. The pandemic has been a catalyst for a lot of food trends that brought a...

Time to Go International: Cross Border E-commerce Logistics Strategies to Adopt in 2022

Written by Fatima Asprec and updated on 16 March 2022
Cross border Ecommerce
In this age where global trade is at the height of consumer demands, there is no point in limiting your business to just one market. Cross-border e-commerce is a powerful strategy that diversifies your revenue streams by expanding to the fastest-growing markets around the globe. Emerging e-commerce markets like the...
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