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4th July 2022, Dubai UAE – Seafood Souq (SFS), a fast-growing digital ecosystem for the global trade of seafood, backed with full supply chain traceability, assigns RSA Global as their exclusive global digital freight and supply chain partner.

Turning e-commerce logistics challenges into an opportunity

Written by Shelly David and updated on 01 July 2022
E-commerce transactions have witnessed a massive shift from luxury goods to essential goods during the pandemic. Moreover, the changes brought by COVID to the e-commerce business are likely to continue in the future. For example, the buying habits learned during the pandemic may continue to exist if the world faces...

Sustainable e-commerce is the future of business

Written by Fatima Asprec and updated on 21 June 2022
 E-commerce has had its growing share of retail sales prior to the pandemic, especially in developed countries. But a few weeks into the pandemic, people’s necessity for commodities coupled by authority restrictions drove the market to even soaring heights. One of the notable upticks in e-commerce consumer activity had...

Air Freight VS. Sea Freight: Which shipping mode is right for your cargo?

Written by Fatima Asprec and updated on 31 May 2022
The difference between the two most common modes of international shipping- air freight and sea freight may seem too straightforward but logistics experts know that underneath these terms are intricate series of processes that move the global trade. 
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