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RSA Global offers a wide range of logistics solutions and freight forwarding services from a single source for customers from any industry.
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Air cargo plane being loaded
Air Cargo Icon Icon of an air cargo plane

Air Cargo

Integrated, customised and cost-effective air cargo solutions.
  • Charter and commercial air cargo flights moved by our premium airline network enabling easy and flexible global transport solutions.
  • Door-to-door/airport-to-airport air cargo solutions including multimodal transport, customs clearance, value-added and destination services.
  • Niche product transportation and handling including non-standard and sensitive care air cargo such as pharmaceuticals and perishables.
A loaded truck driving on a highway to deliver its cargo
Cross-border Trucking Icon Icon of loaded truck

Cross-border Trucking

Comprehensive cross-border trucking services with our own fleet within the UAE as well as across the Gulf countries.
  • Door-to-door full (FTL) and less than full (LTL) truckload services with own fleet vehicles.
  • Reliable, flexible and timely cross-border trucking service customized to the customers’ requirement.
  • Capability of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and chemicals road transport.

Truck being loaded with over-sized cargo
Icon of a fork lift

Industrial Projects

Integrated logistics and transport services for complex, oversized and extra heavy industrial projects shipments.
  • Worldwide door-to-door ocean freight services for over-sized shipment via container vessels, barge and landing craft.
  • Worldwide door-to-door air freight services.
  • Land transport solutions starting from 12-meter up to 40-meter trailers covering GCC, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Africa and Turkey.
Person working on inventory finance solutions writing on paper and  having an open laptop
Inventory Finance Icon

Inventory Finance

Provision of working capital against inventory being kept in our warehouse facilities in the UAE. 

  • Convenient access to financing options/lines of credit with our SME Financial Inclusion partner Invoice Bazaar.
  • Preferential pricing on the storage for your products held as a collateral in one of our warehouse facilities for a maximum tenor of 90 days.
  • Most beneficial for businesses such as trading companies, manufacturers, and retailers dealing with generic fast-moving commodities and goods that are liquid in nature.
Air cargo plane flying over container port
International Freight Icon International Freight - ship Icon

International Freight

Seamless and professional international freight solutions by ocean, air and land transport.
  • Multi-modal and cross-border international freight solutions including all transport modes.
  • Authorised Economic Operators ensuring expedited and secure freight services with premium carriers.
  • Strategically located office facility and distribution center in the Dubai South free zone near Jebel-Ali (JA) port (15 km distance) and Al Maktoum International Airport (5 km away) allowing duty free re-export.
  • Read  FAQs about freight forwarding here.
A person with a mobile phone managing its digital inventory
Digital Inventory Icon

Digital Inventory

On-demand inventory production resulting in reduced lead time and cost.
  • Complete inventory analysis to determine 3D printing scope for your supply chain.
  • Secure systems to maintain and deploy digital files as needed.
  • Highly beneficial for companies experiencing long lead times, heavy warehousing requirements and high transport and logistics costs.
A worker scanning inventory in the warehouse
On-site Logistics Icon

On-Site Logistics

Experienced experts, processes and technology deployed on-site at your logistics facility.
  • Transformational on-site logistics support that starts with a free consultation about your facility.
  • Storage capacity optimized by facility reengineering, making sure compliance measures are adhered to.
  • Commitment to high service levels and inventory accuracy (with focused SLAs put in place).
An open yard filled with contrainers
Open Yard Icon

Open Yard

Over 250,000 sqm of open yard available for storage solutions with high maneuverability and efficiency.
  • High maneuverability and compliant outdoor storage & cargo solutions (multiple access points).
  • 24/7 security supported by state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Protection against weather fluctuations.
Truck driving on the highway delivering a shipping
Transport and Distribution Icon

Transport & Distribution

Trained professionals, reliable processes and advanced technology ensuring secure, speedy and on-time transport & distribution services in the UAE.
  • Transparent and secure transport & distribution services enabled by our advanced transport management system (TMS).
  • Well-trained team ensuring OTIF (on-time in full).
  • High flexibility catering to accommodating urgent transport & distribution requests.
Fork lift lifting flexi tank container
Tank Services Icon

Tank Services

Integrated and holistic tank container solutions.
  • End-to-end tank services including storage, maintenance, cleaning, repairs, testing and modifications for tanks (ISO tanks, freight containers and flexi-tanks).
  • Reefer plug-in and temperature monitoring with 24/7 security.
  • Drumming, repackaging and relabelling tank services (tank-to-tank transfers, steam heating).
Fork lift operating in the warehouse
Warehouse Solutions Icon

Warehouse Solutions

Comprehensive short and long term warehouse solutions with real-time inventory visibility.
  • Warehouse solutions including temperature-controlled storage options for goods from all industries.
  • Integration with our transparent tech-forward WMS (Warehouse Management System) for efficient management of your inventory.
  • ISO certified warehouse facilites run by our well-trained supervisors and their operational teams.

Woman happy while looking at her phone - RSA e-commerce case study cover

Fulfiling the E-commerce Needs of Emerging Markets

A major e-commerce platform from Africa sought a reliable infrastructure partner to create a hub in Dubai so that they can ease connection between regional sellers and end customers in Africa. In short, they required an integrated solution provider that connected multiple touch points to create visibility, save time and cost.
woman with blue hat assisting a customer - e-commerce solutioning case study

Enabling Omni-Channel Retail Through E-Commerce Solutioning

Saudi Arabia`s largest commercial kitchen equipment provider needed a trusted partner to create an e-commerce solution for their customers and scale up business in the UAE.

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