Warehousing Solutions

We invest in the best infrastructure and people so you are assured that the products you entrusted us with will arrive at your customers' doorsteps in the best way and quality possible. Our storage facilities are strategically situated within the Dubai South Freezone area allowing for speedy distribution of both bonded and non-bonded goods to your local, regional, and international customers.

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What makes our warehouses special?


To accommodate businesses from different trades and industries, we are operating facilities at ambient, chilled, and frozen temperatures ranging from 10°C to -25°C, broadening our product storage capabilities from non-food items such as electronics, spare parts, household, fashion items to packaged food & drinks, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and frozen items.

Single API integration

True to our digital logistics promise, we've created a single-integration API that is all you need to get real-time inventory data while being efficient with your costs as we achieve productive space and labor utilization using technology.

Safety and security

We value safety and security as much as you do so we ensure that our facilities are 24/7 guarded with trained personnel and CCTVs across major operational areas including state-of-the-art intelligent cameras for targeted surveillance and reporting.

Sustainability approach

By implementing and investing in a system to efficiently generate and manage our utility resources, through our solar roofing project, we are able to reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain operations.

We credit our high safety standards to a robust HSSEQ Policy and implementation to ensure adherence to world-class quality service.

Cold Chain Solutions

RSA Cold Chain is a HACCP and ISO 22000 certified cold storage arm of RSA Global dedicated to providing cold & frozen storage solutions to meet the growing demand of the food industry in the UAE and the MENA for a reliable end-to-end 3PL especially as the surge in population and food consumption has been brought by the Expo 2020.
RSA Cold Chain has been operational since 2017 and since then had received numerous awards and recognitions for its sophisticated infrastructure and operational design serving sectors from packaged food, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and frozen foods.

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Value addition features of RSA's Cold Chain facility


The facility is located just outside of the bonded zone in Dubai South currently standing with a capacity of 10,800 pallets with 8 independent chambers in temperatures ranging from 10°C to -25°C. RSA Cold Chain also provides temperature-controlled transportation to ensure product integrity throughout the entire supply chain.

Net-zero carbon emission

The facility runs on the latest efficient Ammonia-based refrigeration system which facilitates sustenance of extremely cold temperatures with minimum electricity consumption. To further reduce its energy consumption from the grid, the facility has been enhanced with solar energy installed on its warehouse and car parking roofs.

HVAC compliant

As with every product that we handle, safety and security are always at the top of our mind, so we have equipped the facility with a dedicated HVAC and fire fighting system and on-site personnel to facilitate any quick preventative maintenance.

Customer-centric approach

At RSA Cold Chain, we pride ourselves on a customer-centric approach which includes anticipating the customers' demands through tech-driven capacity planning using real-time analytics and used by a superior workforce to deliver maximum efficiency and respond swiftly to customer challenges.

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