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The automotive supply chain is one of the most complex in the world. A delay in just one section of the supply chain can result in a shutdown of your production line. As additionally, operational needs highly depend on season and demand, automotive companies need to work with a third-party logistics partner, who is highly dependable and flexible. 

In RSA Global, you find an experienced, trustworthy and reliable partner making sure all of your automotive supply chain requirements are met at any given time.


Due to the hazardous nature of chemical products, the risk of danger makes managing chemical logistics different from handling most other supply chains.

That’s why we pay special attention to our safety programs when it comes to the logistics of chemical goods. Our dedicated chemical specialists receive regular trainings and our chemical warehouses undergo numerous inspections ensuring they meet the sensitive requirements needed for the save storage of chemicals.

Consumer Goods

Due to the rapid transformation of the retail industry for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs), our FMCG supply chain customers face more and more challenges including meeting increasingly high customer expectations and ensuring availability and fulfillment of ever-increasing customer demand.

We, at RSA Global, cater to the high speed of your industry and adapt quickly to seasonal changes while constantly seeking greater supply chain efficiencies driving cost minimization.


MENA’s e-commerce sector is on the rise. Worth US$8.3 billion in 2017, it is expected to more than triple by 2022 reaching US$28.5 billion. Interestingly, even though the growth figures are sky rocking, online sales in MENA still only equal 2-3% of total retail revenue. Given the fast growth of e-commerce but its relatively low retail market share, the potential of e-commerce in MENA is obvious, a trend retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers cannot afford to ignore.

However, to operate a successful e-commerce business meeting the customers’ ever-increasing expectations an efficient logistics infrastructure is required.

With RSA’s global network of partners and digital platforms, we build efficiency into our customers’ e-commerce supply chains making sure to keep your costs down and your customers happy.

Food and Beverage

The transport and storage of food and beverages (F&B) products bear high risks. Delays, multiply loading processes and wrong temperature conditions quickly damage and ruin product lines.

Our logistics experts take extra care when handling F&B items, offer a wide range of temperature-controlled transport and storage options as well as provide quick and flexible delivery in order to meet the high-quality requirement of our customers’ F&B businesses.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry plays a pivotal role in numerous world economies, and relies on a robust supply chain to meet the demands of its customers. As such, it is important to provide dependable and transparent solutions to this critical industry to enable it to fuel various other endeavors without interruption.

RSA’s compliant and efficient end-to-end logistics solutions are built to support the essential requirements of oil and gas supply chains worldwide.

Power and Energy

The operational demands of the power and energy industry needs specialized supply chain solutions certified by the relevant authorities, and handled by professionals. Compliant and flexible solutions that include out-of-gauge storage options alleviate the supply chain challenges faced in this industry.

RSA’s innovative and secure logistics solutions provide our customers with the assurance that their cargo is in the right hands.


The retail supply chain belongs to the busiest ones. Retail players constantly must adapt to the ever-changing needs of the consumers, shift retail formats, and focus on both price and quality. 

With our wide freight network and in-house warehouse management system (WMS), we provide rapid and transparent logistics solutions and the right partner to manage your retail logistics challenges.

International Freight

Having a global reach via a wide network of premium carriers is a prerequisite for any international freight forwarder and supply chain service provider operating in today's markets. That combined with tech-forward processes in place and our strategic office and facility locations in Dubai and other key countries enables us to provide integrated international freight services accelerating our customers' supply chains. 

Learn more about our innovative and integrated international freight solutions meeting the needs of our customers from diverse industries.

Warehouse Solutions

Having surplus stock but insufficient space to store is a major concern for most industries. Therefore, having a logistics partner that enables real-time stock visibility and qualified personnel handling the goods is essential to manage customer expectations.

Learn more about our innovative and integrated warehouse solutions meeting the needs of our customers from diverse industries.

Transport & Distribution

Speed, seamlessness and accurancy are most important to our customers with transport & distribution needs for their products. Thus, we carefully plan and schedule our transport & distribution services allowing us to offer flexible solutions complimenting both our customers' and their clients' demands resulting in smooth supply chain processes.

Learn more about our innovative and integrated transport & distribution solutions for our customers from diverse industries.

On-Site Logistics

Secure storage is only one of many steps when ensuring the safety of your goods. 360-degree technical expertise from people to process prevents the accumulation of bulk stock. Hence, fast inventory is essential to improve the quality and safety of your supply chain.

Learn more about our innovative and integrated on-site logistics solutions meeting the needs of our customers from diverse industries…

Open Yard

Most of the time, stocking and moving goods around a site is a challenge due to the sensitive nature of the commodities. That's why periodically tracking of and planning the stock options are necessary to effectively manage supply chain solutions.

Learn more about our innovative and integrated open yard solutions meeting the needs of our customers from various industries.

Cross-border Trucking

Seamless and cost-efficient supply chains are crucial for most businesses based in the UAE. We understand the challenges of our customers and plan well ahead to keep lead times short and rates to a minimum when using our cross-border trucking service across the UAE and GCC region.

Learn more about our integrated cross-border trucking services meeting the needs of our customers from diverse industries.
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Ric Bokx

Country Manager, Fyffes Midde East
"As Fyffes we prefer to have full control of the supply chain, and a company like RSA is providing us that. Not only as a partner in doing logistics, they also provided us with a warehouse we couldn’t find anywhere else throughout the UAE."

Firoze Wadia

General Manager of Supply Chain, Green Planet Industries
"What drew us to RSA was the value and flexibility they were able to provide us. This obviously enhances my own service offering downstream to my customers."

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