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RSA Global is a digital supply chain and e-commerce logistics specialist providing global e-commerce companies with seamless access to the booming regional markets of the Middle East, Africa, and India.

With 700 people working in over 25 facilities across the UAE, Kenya, India, and China, RSA has the right set-up in place to deliver the world’s products to the consumers in its targeted emerging markets at the click of a button.

RSA Global helps e-commerce companies reach their market potential  by offering a speedy, reliable, and cost-effective end-to-end e-commerce logistics solutions with a single API integration to major carriers, storefronts and marketplaces.

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What we value

We have fun by working smart and being innovative
We have fun by working smart and being innovative
We adapt to change for disruptive growth
We adapt to change for disruptive growth
We learn, share and grow as a team
We learn, share and grow as a team
We are HSSEQ masters
We are HSSEQ masters
We lead by example with extreme ownership
We lead by example with extreme ownership
We live to delight our customers
We live to delight our customers

Leading the ‘Disruptors’

Senior Leadership Team
Board Members & Advisors
Abhishek Ajay Shah
Co-Founder and Group CEO
Nilendu Patil
Group Chief Financial Officer
Markus Koepsel
General Manager RSA-TALKE
Maji Monday
Director HSSEQ & Sustainability
Alina Adil
Head of Customer Success and KAM
Asha Divakaran
Director Product and Processes
Vidya Samani
Director of Business Technology
Rizwan Kareem
Director Operations 
Abhishek Prakash Rao
President - RSA Global (India)
Percival Rodrigues
Director Talent Intelligence & Experience
Kinan Alami
Director Product
Simon Farrell
Director Operations
Noushad Aboobucker
Head of Trade Compliance
Alex Borisov
Director Product & Services
Andrey Lukin
Director PMO & Organization Development 
Board Members
Ajay I. Shah
Abhishek Ajay Shah
Ed Capaldi
Amjad Ahmed
Michael Proffitt

The Evolution of RSA


Gulf Customer Experience Award 2016
Gulf Customer Experience Award 2016
HR Excellence Award 2016
HR Excellence Award 2016
Gulf Captital SME 2017
Gulf Captital SME 2017
RATE SME 2017-18
RATE SME 2017-18
RoSPA Silver Awards 2021
RoSPA Silver Awards 2021
Logistics &  Transport Awards 2021
Logistics & Transport Awards 2021

RSA gives back

RSA’s commitment to social and community-based initiatives comes alive through our ongoing RSA Gives Back campaign. Activities aim at encouraging and supporting team participation in order to derive maximum benefit for the cause. Taking part in these endeavors contributes to bringing together communities and creates a sense of belonging in this society.

National Road Safety Week in India

To increase awareness for road safety in India, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways organized the 31st National Road Safety Week in January 2020. Regional governments and organizations were encouraged to participate in diverse Road Safety Week engaging with their audiences.

As logistics and transportation company operating across India, we see it as our responsibility to take part in this initiative. Our India team together with our Global Head of HSSEQ visited Aslali Primary School in Ahmedabad teaching the students about our business and the importance of respecting traffic rules.

Knit-A-Thon 2018-2019

RSA Global acted with great honor as logistics partner to the Knit-A-Thon 2018-2019. The Knit-A-Thon came to life as a charity initiative with a double purpose. The idea was to engage as many participants as possible across the UAE to knit warm 1x1 meter blankets for orphans and underprivileged children, while striving for a Guinness World record for the world's largest blanket.

Both goals were met. In total, 3,200 blankets were knit covering 3,100 m² turning it into the largest hand knit blanket ever made.

Navjyoti sponsorship for kid’s education

Over five consecutive years we have been supporting Navjyoti India Foundation towards their mission of ‘Educating the girl child’. This program helps underprivileged girls, from marginalised areas of society exposed to poverty and crime, by giving them the opportunity to study. We have committed to sponsor the education of these young women every year and will continue to support Navjyoti in their mission.

Ramadan Fridges

In summer 2018, our team delivered over 1,000 water bottles across Dubai for three weeks taking part in the incredible Ramadan Sharing Fridges initiative. The campaign had over 170 fridges serving food and drinks to hundreds of people every day.

Al Noor Training Centre for Children With Special Needs

RSA has been supporting the Al Noor Training Centre for children with special needs for several years through diverse sponsorships and actively supporting their events.

Standard Chartered Marathon- Charity Run

For seven years in a row, the RSA Global team has been actively participating in the Standard Chartered Marathon Charity Run helping to raise awareness for the importance of health, and to contribute to a charity organization program.

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