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By living our brand promise of being dependable, flexible and innovative and putting our customers in the center of everything we do, our objective is to Solve Challenges for a Better Tomorrow and grow together with our customers. Thanks to this pro-customer attitude combined with our high level of operational performance, we have been able to generate a wide base of satisfied and loyal customers. Let’s have them speak for themselves about their experience of working with RSA Global.
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Jacob Chacko

Director of Commercial Operations, National Air Cargo - ME
"We found RSA, which has the largest footprint in Dubai South, and was also complying with all the safety and security requirements for our US Govt and commercial customers."
Manoj Pathyil
General Manager, Richtrans
“Initially, I was not very comfortable handing over our road tanker cleaning to a third-party provider. I was afraid of inflexibility, time managing and quality issues. We deal with so many sensitive products. However, RSA-TALKE, the chemical arm of RSA Global, is a very professional, fast and convenient partner. It feels like having our own facility and the drive through cleaning arrangements work very well. Thank you, RSA”
Anil Lukose
Regional Sales Manager, Avioparts
“We chose to work with RSA Logistics Global because of their professionalism, can-do-approach and round-the-clock availability. Working closely together with RSA helped us save valuable time on logistics matters, enabling us to actually focus on our core business.”
Peter Norman
Wessington Ltd.
“The RSA team works as committed with as much commitment for my business as if they were my own employees. Nothing is too much trouble for them. As a matter of routine, our work is processed in a very timely and accurate manner and the warehouse operations team compares very favourably to any we work with in Europe or North America.”

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