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Robot helps repacking liquid chemicals in Dubai, Jebel Ali

RSA-TALKE drives digitalization and extends its integrated chemical logistics solutions by commissioning a fully automated filling robot for repackaging of liquid chemicals.
UAE, Dubai 14th January 2021: RSA-TALKE introduces a fully automated filling robot at its chemical logistics hub in Dubai, Jebel Ali Free Zone. This machine, with which the company sets a new innovative standard, enables the repackaging of hazardous chemicals according to the highest safety standards. The full system is an enclosed system with an air purification to be able to handle even products with hazardous vapours in a safe manner.

How the robot works: A carrying conveyor moves pallets with empty containers onto the scale base. While the pallet is moving, a line camera scans the surface and automatically locates the positions of the filling openings. At the same time, the camera system checks whether the openings make sense or not (plausibility check). Afterwards, the containers are opened one after the other, filled, closed and if required, sealed. The electro-pneumatic control with the scale electronics and the touch panel to operate the robot are incorporated in a stainless-steel cabinet at the filling robot.

“The system is completing our integrated solution set-up at our site in jebel Ali free Zone. We can receive the highly hazardous liquid chemicals in bulk, repack it and store the material in our chemical warehouse at the same facility at highest standards. In addition, we can instantly clean the tank container or road tanker the product was received in and make the equipment ready for the next job to minimize downtime”, said Markus Koepsel, General Manager RSA-TALKE. The technology and its infrastructure are designed and build at highest international standards compliant with all environment, health and safety standards. “We have taken the next step to enhance the chemical logistics infrastructure in Dubai with this robot and technology, since it the first of its kind installed in UAE”, emphasizes Abhishek Shah, Chairman RSA-TALKE and CEO, Co-Founder of RSA Global. “This newly added option of shipping liquid chemicals in bulk and then transferring it to a packed goods provides a new option for our global customer network to utilize Dubai even more as hub in the region”, underlines Alex Herreboudt, Board Member RSA-TALKE and Director Middle East & Asia TALKE Group.

The integrated chemical logistics hub brings new flexibility for enhanced localization to the UAE as well as providing peace of mind to the stakeholders making use of the system and benefitting from this dependable and innovative set-up. The team at RSA-TALKE is happy to advise customers on how they can benefit from the new opportunities in Dubai and optimize their global supply chains.

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