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RSA Global launches a new multi-tier e-commerce fulfillment facility to support the growing demand of e-commerce industry in the region.

Dubai - January, 2023. RSA Global, a digital freight and e-commerce logistics company based in the UAE has launched its new multi-tier e-commerce fulfillment pick tower within one of their carbon-neutral facilities in Dubai South, UAE. The facility currently holds 5,200 bin locations, allowing to process 1,500 orders per day. The facility has been built in a modular fashion to have the ability to expand to 10X the current capacity.
  RSA Global e-commerce leadership and fulfillment team during the ribbon-cutting ceremony, officially opening the doors of the new facility to their customers

As Dubai continues to be a world-class business and trade hub, there has been an explosive growth in the number of e-commerce companies looking to expand their reach to the consumers of this region. Consequently, as RSA Global's e-commerce business grew over the years, its leadership decided to invest in a solution that will continue to serve their expanding customer base. 

Abhishek Shah, Co-founder & CEO of RSA Global says, “This launch is just one of the many exciting news and developments that we have for our customers, especially as a part of our eCommerce product suite. This new and improved facility will work in conjunction with our in-house click ecosystem as well as our experienced operations and compliance experts in the field of e-commerce. This is an optimal time to capitalize on the growth of this thriving region, and we are fully prepared to help them take advantage of this opportunity.” 

“This fulfillment facility is so much more than its face value. This is a strategic asset for our customers, especially as we combine its strength with the rest of our end-to-end product suite. Like all our e-commerce logistics offering, this facility is designed to meet the growing demand for an efficient and reliable fulfillment and delivery services. The industry is growing, and we intend to support our customers' growth with the implementation of this facility, and our continuous passion to develop our technology. The success and feedback of our customers will keep our team going.” Operations Director of RSA Global, Simon Farrell, added. 

“We have witnessed that the Gulf has recently come into the spotlight of a growing number of global brands. Some of them are looking to establish a footprint in the region, others aim to enhance their delivery promise by moving stock closer to the consumer. By launching this pick tower and working in close partnership with brands regardless of which market development stage they are in, we focus on creating a seamless user experience and strive to delight their customers in the region.” said Alex Borisov, Director of Products at RSA Global.  

About RSA Global

RSA Global is a digital freight forwarding and supply chain solutions company headquartered out of the UAE. RSA Global’s provides the emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa, and India with seamless access to the world. With over 700 logistics specialists working in over 25 facilities across the UAE, Kenya, India, and China, RSA Global has the right set-up in place to deliver the world’s products to the consumers in its targeted emerging markets at the click of a button.

Learn more about RSA Global: www.rsa.global
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