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RSA Global and JUSDA India partner to operate air cargo shipments of COVID-19 critical products from India to the US

RSA Global, a digital freight forwarding and logistics service provider headquartered in Dubai with extensive presence in India, has partnered with JUSDA Supply Chain, a part of Foxconn Technology Group and the world’s leading end-to-end supply chain management platform company, to operate multiple air cargo flights from India to the US transporting COVID-19 related essential pharmaceutical goods supplying the pharma industry in the US. The first flight operated by air carrier National Airlines delivering pharmaceutical products departed seamlessly from India on June 11th, 2020.

India is the third largest producer of pharmaceuticals in the world by volume supplying 20% of global exports of “generic” drugs with the US being one of its biggest markets. As the US has been dramatically hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and consequently been facing bottlenecks in essential COVID-19 related supplies, India has been increasingly sending pharmaceutical supplies to the US supporting the country’s pharma industry during those difficult times.

With a global wide network comprising more than 155 locations,  a warehouse footprint of two million square meters, and an extensive presence across India, JUSDA India’s strength lies in providing end-to-end supply chain solutions and air cargo services for diverse industries including the pharma industry. Combined with the fact that the India-US trade lane is one of JUSDA’s main operating routes,  the company has the required expertise to handle sensitive COVID-19 pharma shipments to the US professionally. 

RSA Global, founded in 2009 in the UAE, has been actively building its global network through various technology platforms. Today, the logistics service provider operates more than 500,000 square meters of warehousing and open yard space and is able to offer air and sea freight services in over 90 countries. In 2018, RSA Global entered the Indian market and has been developing cargo export services together with its various partners. 

“Given JUSDA’s wide presence in India and extensive experience in air cargo shipments, we are confident that we found the right partner to deliver high quality air cargo services from India to the world, supporting the pharma and other industries”, said Abhishek Ajay Shah, CEO & CO-Founder of RSA Global. 

“As part of JUSDA's growth strategy in the Middle East & Africa region, we are looking to work with strong local partners such as RSA Global. We are delighted to collaborate with RSA Global and leverage the strategic location of Dubai to build international freight, multi-modal distribution, and cross border e-commerce services into the MENA region”, said Saurabh Goyal, General Manager of JUSDA India.

About RSA Global

RSA Global is a digital freight forwarding and supply chain solutions company headquartered out of the UAE. Its focus is to provide the emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa, and India with seamless access to the world. The key of RSA Global’s success is the combination of cutting-edge front-end technology and a deep operational expertise adding true value to its customers’ businesses. With 550 people working in over 25 facilities across the UAE, Kenya, India and China, RSA has the right set-up in place to deliver the world’s products to the consumers in its targeted emerging markets at the click of a button. https://www.rsa.global/

About JUSDA India

JUSDA Supply Chain has accumulated nearly 20 years of experience in lean supply chain management focusing on end-to-end supply chain integration. JUSDA India was established in 2017 and forms a joint venture (JV) with Foxconn Technology Group. The JV has been set up to support the development of the logistics sector in India and is focussing on freight services including charter flights from China and South East Asia to India, from India to the US and Europe, as well as multi-modal services from India to US and Europe. In addition, JUSDA India is operating multiple warehouse hubs across the country and has established a strong distribution network catering to the FMCG, manufacturing, retail, pharma, electronics, and e-commerce industries. https://www.jusdaindia.com/ 

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