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RSA Global now offers logistics services to Amazon sellers via AmazonSPN

RSA Global, a digital logistics and supply chain company based in the UAE, is now a registered member of the Amazon Seller Provider Network (SPN), a platform created by Amazon comprising qualified third-party service providers helping sellers to successfully promote, sell and deliver their products via the Amazon marketplace to customers worldwide.
RSA Global provides end-to-end supply chain solutions via AmazonSPN. The integrated logistics services for sellers include first mile, air and ocean freight, fulfillment, customs clearance, last mile and return management from the United Arab Emirate (UAE) to the Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA), from China to the UAE and the KSA, as well as from Turkey to the KSA.

As e-commerce logistics, in particular cross-border e-commerce, can be a complex undertaking, sellers need a partner with the right expertise and set-up in the markets they are catering to. RSA Global’s experience on the available routes combined with its close network of reliable partners in the origin and destination countries ensures seamless and timely supply chain operations.

“We are excited about being part of AmazonSPN assisting sellers with their logistics needs”, says Abhishek Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of RSA Global. “While our experts take care of their logistics requirements, Amazon sellers can focus on what really matters to them and their businesses - further developing and optimizing their products”, he adds. 

Amazon sellers can reach out to us directly via the AmazonSPN platform.
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