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Across the Global Oceans: Seafood Souq and RSA Global partner up to sustainably and responsibly serve the demands of the sea food market

4th July 2022, Dubai UAE – Seafood Souq (SFS), a fast-growing digital ecosystem for the global trade of seafood, backed with full supply chain traceability, assigns RSA Global as their exclusive global digital freight and supply chain partner.
Seafood Souq is on a mission to tackle one of the world’s most pressing environmental and food security challenges – the exploitation of our oceans. To do so, they have created a digital ecosystem that enables global buyers to procure traceable seafood products direct from the source in support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

To scale their business and mission further, Seafood Souq has assigned RSA Global as their exclusive supply chain partner in the UAE to handle local storage requirements, B2B distribution, and their air and sea freight operations around the globe.

In addition to the supply chain operations capabilities that RSA Global possesses to support the growth of Seafood Souq’s business, the alignment of the values of both companies is also seen to drive this partnership further.

“We are very delighted to be Seafood Souq’s partner and share their goal of creating a sustainable seafood supply chain. With our most recent technology developments through our Click Eco-system we streamline all aspects of their operations, as well as strengthen our cross-border and international partnership. We are very excited to join Seafood Souq on their quest to grow their business and ultimately support the cause behind this revolutionary platform they have created.” says Abhishek Shah, CEO and Co-founder of RSA Global.

Sean Dennis, CEO and Co-founder of Seafood Souq, added. “We look forward to exploring the promising potential of an aligned partnership such as this one with RSA Global. Creating change entails harnessing the power of community and collaboration with like-minded businesses – from our seafood suppliers to operations partners, and be a bridge that connects them to the seafood customers around the world.”


About RSA Global

RSA Global is a digital freight forwarding and supply chain solutions company headquartered out of the UAE. RSA Global’s provides the emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa, and India with seamless access to the world. With over 700 logistics specialists working in over 25 facilities across the UAE, Kenya, India, and China, RSA Global has the right set-up in place to deliver the world’s products to the consumers in its targeted emerging markets at the click of a button.

Learn more about RSA Global: www.rsa.global

About Seafood Souq

Technology company Seafood Souq offers a vertically integrated digital solution for global seafood trade. Seafood Souq’s platform facilitates discovery, negotiations and transactions between seafood producers and buyers worldwide, together with freight and payment integration.

Featured in the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development for their contribution towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Seafood Souq’s product suite includes an open and transparent marketplace that specializes in sourcing from diversified developing markets as well as a full supply chain traceability product, SFS Trace.

Learn more about Seafood Souq: www.seafoodsouq.com and SFS Trace: https://trace.seafoodsouq.com/
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